Chalk stripes

A sartorial wizard prepares himself and his goblin allies to fight the chalk stripes.

A twitter mini-story:

The goblins snicker at my precautions. But this chocolate brown and mint green houndstooth overcoat has fended off many a ruthless banker.

The goblins have expressed admiration for my startling violet suede boots. They are beginning to come around to the genius of this approach.

And yet, the fear of the chalk stripe is still strong in them. I don’t blame them for this. I fear it too.

The lemon-scented blood-red hankies should help.

The shipment of pomegranate derivatives and passion fruit options has arrived. The goblins do fine work. I hope we have prepared enough.

Swap cinders. Hedge oil. Default slugs. The goblins are nervous, but resolute. As am I. We are off to battle, our banners shiny & cheap.

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