Like most writers who are also editors, my first love is writing. But I also enjoy editing. In fact, if I go too long without editing fiction, I start to get twitchy — although that takes a couple of months; whereas, that same feeling kicks in if I go 4 or 5 days without writing fiction. My editing philosophy is best summed up in my blog post Why editors have claws.

I have acted as an alpha and/or beta reader for several authors, including both novels and short stories and literary and genre fiction. Many of these works have gone on to be published in regional or national markets.

I also have 10+ years of experience in writing and editing public relations and marketing work including ad and brochure copy, news releases, blog posts, magazine articles and newsletters.

Monsters & Mormons

I am the co-editor of the anthology Monsters & Mormons, which was published by Peculiar Pages in October 2011 and features short stories, novelettes, graphic novels and poetry.

Popcorn Popping, April 2006 – Dec. 2007

I was one of three co-founders and acted as managing editor of the online Mormon narrative arts magazine Popcorn Popping, which published short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, plays, novel excerpts and photo essays. The archives can be found here: Popcorn Popping

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