Signs your urban fantasy is becoming gentrified

Have the sneaking suspicion that your urban fantasy is becoming gentrified? This list of 17 things to watch out for will help you stay vigilant.

Watch our for these signs that your urban fantasy has become gentrified. One can never be too vigilant. It tends to sneak up on you.

  1. Less brooding and skulking; more interior decorating and knitting
  2. Grungy warehouses now zoned for live/work spaces instead of lairs/squats
  3. Guns now all come with palm biometric safeties
  4. Female protags trading leather pants for yoga pants
  5. Male protags ditching three days of scruff for soul patches
  6. Local dive bar has hired a mixologist
  7. Portal to netherworld now requiring two forms of ID in addition to blood sacrifice
  8. Smell of death, decay and desperation now has undertones of new money and baby powder
  9. Arcane bookstore now stocks What To Expect When You Are Gestating
  10. Local vampires have developed a taste for vegans
  11. Artsy, angsty hippy chick who wears flowy skirts and a lot of jewelry is just an artsy, angsty hippy chick who wears flowy skirts and a lot of jewelry
  12. Once every full moon magical black market now weekly farmer’s market
  13. Cheap booze now being consumed ironically instead of in quiet desperation
  14. Equal possiblity that the d-bag with slick backed hair and pin striped Italian suit is Mephisto or a real estate developer
  15. Werewolf pack now calling itself a co-op
  16. Unseelie Court throne room featured in Dwell
  17. Zombies have all moved out to the suburbs

5 thoughts on “Signs your urban fantasy is becoming gentrified”

  1. Considering some online kerfuffles and outrage in Romancelandia this week, I’d say romance is well beyond gentrified, and has crossed over into deified.

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