Twitter bots I will never get around to making

  1. Henry Rick James
  2. Preposition of the Day
  3. Jane Austen in Austin [Jane Austen is (-ing verb) at (Austin location)]
  4. TheNewspapersWereRight [(X) was general all over (X)]
  5. Lovecraft Sells Amway
  6. Maltify [(verb) (amount) of malt into (noun)]
  7. AyiyiAI [Uh-oh, the AI just (past tense verb) (the noun) in the (noun)]
  8. Pudding [pudding]
  9. Facial Hair Wars ([historical figure]’s (type of facial hair) vs. [historical figure]’s [type of facial hair)]
  10. AdverbialBrooks [(line from David Brooks corpus), thought David Brooks (adverb)]
  11. Paisley [paisley (X)]
  12. YoMamaPoliceState [your mother is so police state, she (dystopian phrase corpus)]

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