Top 10 Best Mounting Putties to Buy Online 2019

Top 10 Best Mounting Putties to Buy Online 2018

At some point in our lives, we all need to hang something on a wall. Whether you’re a parent proudly showing off your child’s art or a college student decorating a dorm room, there’s always something new to be displayed. Unfortunately, a lot of times putting things up on the wall also means ruining walls. But while heavier items may actually require some nail pounding, lighter objects like posters and pictures can easily be mounted with some mounting putty.

However, there are seemingly endless amounts of mounting putty out there, and almost all of it looks the same. So naturally, it can be a pretty tough decision. Luckily, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you find one that works for your needs. If you still find that you’re having a hard time choosing, we also have a list of our ten favorite mounting putties for you to consider.

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How to Choose a Mounting Putty – Buying Guide

Having the right putty can make or break your decor. Here’s how to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Check How Much and What the Putty Can Hold

how much putty can hold

By virtue of being easily removable, most mounting putty can’t hold much weight. The maximum most putties can hold ranges from 1-2 pounds. This could be enough to hold a light frame or a canvas. If you know you’ll be hanging something heavier than a magazine cutout poster, look for a mounting putty that has a weight listed on the packaging.

Just remember that the most powerful the putty, the more difficult it is going to be to scrape off your walls and posters.

Likewise, if you’ll be hanging things other than paper, check the packaging to see if the putty is specifically labeled to hold different materials.

Choose a Color Based on Your Priorities

Mounting putties generally come in two very different varieties: white and bright blue. While the colors don’t affect their hanging powers, they do have different applications.

Neutral Colors are More Discreet

neutral color putty

Colors that are more neutral (white or beige for example) will be less likely to show through poster, especially if the poster paper is a light color. Depending on the color of your walls, a lighter color could mean that you can be less careful with it–you wouldn’t have to make sure that it’s all tucked behind your poster. There’s also no risk of leaving behind any colored stains or residue.

Colored Options are Easier to See and Find

Colored Putty

While it may seem like a neutral color is the way to go, more vibrant colors have their positives as well. With a colored putty, you know that you’re not going to drop it and lose it in your carpet. It will also be easier to see (and thus remove) when you take it down. However, there is the possibility of leaving behind a colored residue and the putty might show through a light colored paper.

One Big Piece or Lots of Little Pieces? Depends on What You’re Hanging

Depending on what you’re trying to hang, it could be better to use one long piece of putty or several small dots. Think about this when choosing your putty.

Pre-Cut Putty is Great for Similarly Sized Objects

Precut Putty

Pre-cut putty comes in little blocks of equal sizes. This type is better if you’re going to be hanging things of about the same size. Among the pre-cut putties, there are different sizes, so be sure to pick a size based on what you’re planning on mounting. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself adjusting the size of the blocks, which defeats the purpose of buying pre-cut!

Uncut Putty is Best for Hanging Really Big and Really Small Objects

Uncut Putty

Putty that comes in one big block or long sticks is better for when you’re mounting things that are different sizes. Particularly, it’s better for really small or really big items since you determine how much you need.

Top 10 Best Mounting Putties to Buy Online

So now that you know how to look for the right putty, here’s a list of our ten favorites to help get you started on your search.

10. Resinta 192 Pieces Reusable Adhesive Putty

Resinta 192 Pieces Reusable Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $8.99

Long-Lasting, Light-Hold Putty

This putty offers a light but long-lasting hold and is great for hanging anything that’s paper-based. It doesn’t leave behind residue and can be reused indefinitely.

It comes with two sheets of 96 1/2″ pieces. It might seem like a lot, but this putty also comes with a sealable package, ensuring that your unused portion stays fresh until you need it.

Weight Supported <1 pound
Color White
Pieces 192 pieces

9. Duck Brand Removable Mounting Poster Putty (2 Pack)

Duck Brand Removable Mounting Poster Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $6.91

Use Several Small Pieces on Almost Any Surface

This putty is great for holding up larger posters and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, linoleum, brick, metal, plastic, and glass.

The key to using this putty is to use several small pieces instead of larger chunks. The manufacturers recommend using 4 small pieces per 1/4 pound of weight for the best results.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color White
Pieces 8 sticks

8. Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty

Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $3.99

Durable and Stronger than it Looks

This blue mounting putty is easy to see and easy to clean. It works on basically any smooth surface and is resilient enough to be reused dozens of times.

While it’s meant to be used for items up to one pound, some reviewers have found that as long as you’re liberal with your application, it can accommodate more weight.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color Blue
Pieces 6 sticks

7. Plasti-Tak Re-usable Adhesive Putty (2 Pack)

Plasti-Tak Re-usable Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $9.99

Versatile and Has Dozens of Uses

This product calls itself the “duct tape of tack” for its versatility. Aside from mounting things on the wall, it is advertised for use in flower arrangements, to remove dirt, and to hold items in place on tables.

While most reviews sing glowing praises, some reviewers have found that this putty is less effective on surfaces that aren’t completely smooth.

Weight Supported <1 pound
Color White
Pieces 4 sticks

6. Duck Poster Putty (2 Pack)

Duck Poster Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $10.99

Easy to Mold

This putty is removable, reusable, and great for hanging paper objects like posters and photos. It’s easy to mold in your fingers, and its stick format means it’s perfect if you need to make small putty balls.

While it can be used on most smooth surfaces, the manufacturer recommends not using it on flocked or loose wallpaper, or on peeling or fresh paint.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color Blue
Pieces 10 sticks

5. Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty Tabs

Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty Tabs

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $2.77

Holds Up in Any Climate

These putty tabs work in almost any environment. Whether the air is dry or humid, these tabs will hold. They come off mostly clean, and if they do leave a residue, it’s easily wiped away.

While it’s meant to be used to mount lighter paper objects, some reviewers have found that this putty is strong enough to hold up light picture frames. That being said, it can also peel paint if you’re not careful taking it off.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color Blue
Pieces 80 pieces

4. Alcolin Reusable Adhesive Putty (2 Pack)

Alcolin Reusable Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $9.99

Can Be Used to Hang Fabric

This putty is gentle but strong and leaves behind no residue. It remains sticky indefinitely, isn’t affected by the enviornment, and becomes more usable the more it’s used.

Despite most putties only working with perfectly smooth surfaces, some reviewers have found that this putty also works with certain fabrics.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color White
Pieces 8 sticks

3. Leyaron 168 Pieces Reusable & Removable Adhesive Putty

Leyaron 168 Pieces Reusable & Removable Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $9.59

Holds Up Heavier Weights

This putty comes with enough half inch squares to last you a lifetime, especially since it doesn’t dry out and can be reused indefinitely.

While it can support a higher weight than most other putties (2 pounds versus 1), this putty is recommended for use on items no longer than 16 inches long.

Weight Supported 2 pounds
Color White
Pieces 168 pieces

2. Bememo Blue Adhesive Putty (2 Pack)

Bememo 2 Pack Blue Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $8.99

Blue or White? Why Not Both

This putty is a light blue color and is great for those who want to be able to see their putty without it sticking out too much if it’s not carefully placed.

It is easy to remove, doesn’t leave stains, and is safe to use on more porous surfaces. This putty works well to mount light items to the wall or to hold things in place.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color Light blue
Pieces 8 sticks

1. Faber-Castell Reusable & Removable Adhesive Putty

Faber-Castell Reusable & Removable Adhesive Putty

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $8.99

Long-Lasting, Gentle Hold

For light items and posters, it’s hard to find a putty that works better than this. When used correctly, it holds items up extremely well and will not leave marks or stains on walls.

Each piece is slightly rectangular and has a little less volume than typical. It has a variety of uses, and one reviewer even uses it as a gentle eraser.

Weight Supported 1 pound
Color White
Pieces 120 pieces

How to Make Sure Adhesive Putty Won’t Damage Your Walls or Posters

How to Make Sure Adhesive Putty Won't Damage Your Walls or Posters

Your first line of defense is finding information aimed specifically at the product you’re working with by reading online reviews and directions.

If there isn’t much information about your product or the information doesn’t work, very slowly remove the putty from the wall, starting from the base. Don’t just yank the poster! Once you’ve managed to take it off, you might still have some residue. Using a rolling motion, use the removed putty to lift off any leftover pieces.


So there you have it! Hopefully this overview of how to choose mounting putties has been helpful. We’re sure your walls will thank you!

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